Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vase with Chrysanthemum Design

Vase with Chrysanthemum Design inlaid under celadon glaze Koryo dynasty, Korea
Celadon-glazed ware of  Korea began in the early Koryo dynasty.  Celadon-glazed ware with inlaid white and black clay decorations, which is peculiar to Korea, emerged during the reign of King Uijong (1147-1170) and reached a pinnacle of technical development during the reign of the following king, Myongjong.
This vase, measuring 33.4cm high, is a fine example of inlaid and celadon-glazed ware dating from its most prosperous time.  The form is well balanced with no dullness and the design of inlaid chrysanthemums is beautifully presented.

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